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UAB Cargotek

CARGOTEK is a company providing modern service services. Identification and elimination of faults of various trucks, trailers and motor carriers, preventive inspections and comprehensive assistance on the road throughout Europe! We will give long-haul drivers the opportunity to use our rest area. 

About us - Autovežių service in Germany - Cargotek.lt
About us - Autovežių service in Germany - Cargotek.lt

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Are you interested in a preventive inspection of a truck, car carrier or trailer? Or do you need to identify and eliminate a fault that prevents the safe operation of your vehicle? Need roadside assistance? 


Frequently asked questions

  • In which countries does your company work?

    CARGOTEK service is located in Germany at Zscherbener Landstraße 17. However, we provide roadside assistance throughout Europe. 

  • What truck repair services do you provide?

    We provide almost all possible truck repair services. From simple tire installation or balancing to complex engine repair. 

  • How much does it cost to repair a truck?

    Repairing a truck can cost from just a few tens of euros to several thousand. We invite you to contact us and indicate the current problem, then we will provide you with a preliminary repair price.

Truck repair in Voketia - Truck repair in Voketia - Roadside assistance in Voketia - Service work in Voketia
Truck repair in Voketia - Truck repair in Voketia - Roadside assistance in Voketia - Service work in Voketia

CARGOTEK trailer, truck and auto transport service in Germany


Who are we? UAB Cargotek is a company providing modern vehicle service services. Trucks and truck service in Germany, located at Zscherbener Landstraße 17, Halle (Salle), will service various types of tractors, trucks and trailers. We perform preventive inspections and services, as well as identify vehicle breakdowns and promptly eliminate them. Right here, we have equipped a comfortable rest area for long-distance drivers. Additionally, we provide roadside assistance throughout Europe. We are not only experts in the repair of tractors, but also trailers and motor carriers.

How did the idea to establish UAB Cargotek come about? The founder of the company, Daivydas Virketis, has been running the successful transport services company UAB Norlida for ten years. "While working with logistics, heavy transport, we noticed that there is a huge need for high-quality and reliable truck service in Western Europe, and that's how our first CARGOTEK truck service in Germany opened," shares Daivydas. The founder of the service himself had to work both at the wheel of a truck and in the company's finances, solving various logistical issues, so it is safe to say that Daivyda's vocation is logistics, transport services and heavy equipment and its maintenance. "I have always admired big machines and agricultural machinery. I had to work in Norway and see tractors rolling up the mountains with chains", remembers Daivydas.

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    Truck service in Germany is another dream come true, which is expected to please all visitors to the service. We try to improve, deepen our knowledge and skills. New, modern technology is used in our service, the work is carried out extremely carefully, delving into every detail. A roadworthy truck is an extremely important part of any business. Maintained trucks will transport your cargo smoothly, on time and one hundred percent according to the plan. Safety is a very important focus of transport services. By operating a well-maintained vehicle, you protect not only the cargo transported by it, but also all road users.

    We live in modern times, so it's no secret that most trucks have a lot of electronics. At CARGOTEK service, we perform computer diagnostics, which is the most reliable way to identify electronic faults in your vehicle. This type of diagnostics points to a specific problem, making it very quick to identify the problem. The sooner we find the problem, the sooner we can take action to fix it. Although computers are really accurate and fast, it is still very important not only to quickly diagnose the truck, but also to have the repair performed by a person - a mechanic. Our service is staffed by specialists who are well versed in their work and will provide informative advice on tractor repair and other issues.

    What services does our truck service in Germany provide? In fact, almost every imaginable repair service! Some of the most popular services offered: electronics diagnostics and troubleshooting, chassis repair, clutch repair, brake system repair, cooling system repair, tire installation and balancing, air conditioner filling and repair, pneumatic system repair, engine, gearbox and reducer oil change, various metal welding works, body work, glass replacement, awning repair, auto parts trade.

    CARGOTEK truck service in Germany does not only take care of tractors, we also service car transporters and trailers. The repair services offered for motor carriers are as follows: repair of the hydraulic system, replacement of screw bushings, replacement of hydraulic motors and reducers, repair of protective fences of the motor carrier, production of hydraulic hoses, other relevant repair works. If you have not found what you are looking for among the services listed here, please contact us. We will provide more information about the full list of our services.

    Another service we offer is technical roadside assistance, which we provide throughout Europe. We come to any place in Europe, we try to determine what problem has befallen your tractor, truck or trailer. We handle the problem on the spot, "here and now", so that you can continue moving towards your destination as soon as possible. 

    UAB Cargotek team is constantly looking for reinforcements, so if you are a fan of heavy equipment, a meticulous mechanic or interested in logistics, please contact us or send us your resume (CV). A truck service in Germany is happy to welcome an auto electrician, a service receptionist and a repair technician (freesmith) to its team.

    Have you had an unexpected breakdown or been in an accident and need technical assistance on the road?

    Do you want to perform a preventive vehicle inspection before hitting the road?

    Need truck, trailer or auto carrier repairs?

    CARGOTEC service is located at Zscherbener Landstraße 17, Halle (Salle), Germany
    We welcome calls by phone +370 608 84000
    We welcome letters by email halle@cargotek.lt