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The latest equipment used in the CARGOTEK service helps to perform work more accurately, faster and with better quality. Qualified specialists will ensure that you can continue your successful journey.

Gallery of truck repair services in Voketija
Gallery of truck repair services in Voketija

Repair services of motor carriers, trailers and tractors


Truck repair services are one of the most important services provided by CARGOTEK. We also repair trailers and trucks. We perform preventive inspections and regular towing services, as well as identify various vehicle faults and promptly remove them. We recommend regular inspection of tractors, thus ensuring the safety of both the cargo and the driver and other road users.

Among the services provided by CARGOTEK are tractor repair services, truck repair services, technical assistance on the road throughout Europe. Also, we have equipped a modern rest area where drivers can relax. We look forward to seeing you at Zscherbener Landstraße 17, Halle (Salle), Germany.

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    Truck repair services include a very wide range of services, but we will try to list at least a few, the most important and most popular services offered by CARGOTEK. Of course, we offer very fast and accurate fault diagnosis of your vehicle. Faults are identified and rectified as quickly as possible to get you back on the road as quickly as possible. Brake system repair, chassis repair, tire installation and balancing, pneumatic system repair, cooling system repair, electrical installation diagnostics and repair, various body work, glass replacement, clutch system repair and other works - these are some of the tractor repair services we provide. Our service uses advanced and modern technology, and our employees are professional and constantly improving their knowledge in order to provide you with the highest quality services.

    The most popular truck repair services:

    • Tractor turbine repair. A turbine that smokes heavily or emits extraneous, strange sounds indicates that it is time to visit the service. In order for the turbine to last longer, be sure to change the engine oil regularly
    • Tractor engine repair. As you know, engine repair is the most time- and money-consuming repair. CARGOTEK repairs both gasoline and diesel tractor engines. Our employees are professionals, so you can definitely trust us with engine repair. We will diagnose the problem and provide the most optimal ways to solve the problem.
    • Tractor gearbox repair. One of the faults that should not be delayed when noticed. Transmissions are either automatic or manual, we'll take care of both. An automatic gearbox provides more comfort while driving, but its repair takes a bit longer and is more expensive than the repair of a manual gearbox.
    • Repair of the tractor air conditioner. Air conditioner is extremely important for the driver's comfort! None of us would like to travel for hours, long distances with the air conditioner not working. We invite you to visit the CARGOTEK service center, where we will determine the fault that caused your air conditioner to stop working. There can be many reasons, from completely simple to complex. Clogged system and lack of freon are the most common problems.
    • Repair of the fuel system of the tractor. Does the tractor "swallow" more fuel than usual? Or maybe it was hard to start? It is very possible that you have a problem with the fuel system. It is necessary to diagnose in which part of the fuel system there is a fault as soon as possible and to eliminate it as soon as possible.
    • Tractor radiator repair. The coolant level should always be within the norm, do not forget to check it. This is very important for the proper operation of the radiator. The radiator is important so that the tractor engine works smoothly and does not overheat.
    • Repair of trailers. Proper axle parallelism, brake performance and tire balance are critical for trailers.
    • Car repair. The repair of this type of vehicle requires specific knowledge and experienced craftsmen - professionals. Entrust the diagnosis and repair of the vehicle to us.
    • Help on the way. We offer technical assistance on the road, which is provided to you throughout Europe. We can recommend partners who will take care of transporting a broken down or an accident truck.

    Above are just a few truck repair services. We provide many more of them, so if you can't find the description, please contact us. Tell us about the problem with your vehicle in as much detail as possible, and we will offer you the best solution and give you a preliminary repair price. CARGOTEK service provides practically every truck repair service you can think of.
    Tractor repair is our "workhorse", we constantly improve, we listen to your observations or suggestions, so we know that we provide you with high-quality services that meet all European standards. Do you have any questions? Are you interested in truck repair services? Want to hear more about our lounge for long-haul drivers? Please contact the contacts below. We will provide you with all the necessary information!

    Have you had an unexpected breakdown or been in an accident and need technical assistance on the road?

    Do you want to perform a preventive vehicle inspection before hitting the road?

    Need truck, trailer or auto carrier repairs?

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