Roadside assistance throughout Europe

Roadside assistance throughout Europe
Roadside assistance throughout Europe

Roadside assistance throughout Europe - why should you choose CARGOTEK?


Have a problem happened and you need technical assistance on the road? No problem, the CARGOTEK team will come to any place in Europe and provide you with all possible technical assistance, and if necessary, recommend who can transport a broken down or crashed vehicle to CARGOTEK service. We will give the driver the opportunity to stay in our rest area, where he can wash his clothes or take a nap.

Trucks usually carry important cargo, they have a certain plan that they must strictly follow and when to deliver the cargo. In this case, any breakdown or accident can seriously upset the plans and harm the company transporting the cargo, the suppliers and customers of the goods, as well as the driver of the truck, truck or trailer. It's great to have someone to turn to and rely on in an emergency. Roadside assistance is an extremely important aspect of logistics, both for cargo and people safety. When a vehicle breaks down, a lot of stress is experienced and a lot of time is wasted, so you want to solve the problem as smoothly and quickly as possible.

It is very important that trucks, trailers and auto transporters are regularly checked, and preventive services are performed on time. In the event of a breakdown, technical assistance on the road will always help, but it would be best to avoid the breakdown altogether. Always check if the coolant level is correct, change the engine oil regularly, and simply - if you notice the slightest abnormality or deviation from the norm, immediately go to the nearest service center. The sooner you spot a problem and fix it, the less damage it will cause to your vehicle. Such malfunctions are easier, faster and, of course, cheaper to eliminate than chronic problems.

Of course, it is not always the fault of the fault vehicles neglect. Sometimes, the natural wear and tear on certain parts is honestly hard to see. Also, weather conditions can become the cause of breakdown or accident. Drivers should always eat, drink and sleep. A tired and inattentive driver poses a danger not only to himself, but also to other road users and can cause a car accident. Long-haul drivers often travel for hours, stopping for just a few minutes to make a timely delivery. However, remember that the health and life of you and those around you are always more important than any cargo you transport.

The truck started smoking? Tire problems? Vehicle won't start? Do you suspect that there is a critical failure and feel that it is not safe to continue driving? Got into a car accident?
It doesn't matter what happened to your truck, trailer or auto transporter - be sure to call us at any time of the day, any day of the week! CARGOTEK roadside assistance is available 24/7.
What services do we provide? We arrive at the location indicated by you as quickly as possible. We identify the problem with the vehicle. We fix the problem and get you back on the road. If it is impossible to eliminate the fault, we recommend partners who will help you transport the truck, trailer or car transporter to the service.

CARGOTEK is a company providing modern service services and roadside assistance. Determining and removing faults of various trucks, trailers and motor vehicles on the road and in service, preventive vehicle inspections. Proper customer service is very important to us, so we will try to get your truck, trailer or truck back on the road as smoothly and quickly as possible.

Have you ever had a breakdown on the road? Nothing to worry about, most importantly, try to stay calm, don't stress, assess the condition of the vehicle and how critical its failure is. As much as possible, leave the vehicle in a safe place where you are not obstructing traffic or creating a hazard. According to road traffic rules, if you are blocking an area of the roadway, you must inform about it with a warning triangle. Wear a brightly colored vest when exiting the vehicle. This is necessary not only in the dark, but also during the day. Your safety must be the number one priority. In short points, we will describe what to do in the event of an unexpected breakdown or accident on the road.

1. Try not to stress and, if possible, park the truck or truck as safely as possible.
2. If there are victims, call an ambulance immediately.
3. Mark the scene with a warning triangle and wear a reflective yellow vest.
4. Call CARGOTEK indicating that you need technical assistance on the road.
5. Specify your exact location.
6. Describe the problem with the vehicle in as much detail as possible.

Have you had an unexpected breakdown or been in an accident and need technical assistance on the road?
Do you want to perform a preventive vehicle inspection before hitting the road?
Need truck, trailer or auto carrier repairs?
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